Windows 10: activate game mode

While the best way to improve your game performance will always be to simply “git gud”, the real experience requires something more. Recording, chatting and taking screenshots were quite difficult and necessary third-party software. You can now use Game Mode in Windows 10 to use all of these extra features natively. Some game improvement programs […]

5 mins read

How to Fix “This setting is managed by your administrator” in Windows 10

Sometimes, due to the lack of a Windows update or problems with Windows Defender, you receive an error message that says, “These settings are managed by your administrator,” even though you are logged in as an administrator. This could prevent you from disabling the smart display or, in some cases, launching non-Microsoft apps. You don’t […]

6 mins read

Android app on Windows 10: Microsoft updates “Your Phone” feature – you can run apps

Microsoft has updated your Your Phone application, which makes mobile functions compatible with the computer, and the Windows 10 operating system will begin to allow the use of Android applications from the computer. This feature will initially be available on several models of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, as announced this Wednesday at the presentation of the […]

1 min read

How to Backup and Restore Windows 10 from an Image File

A Windows 10 system image will allow you to restore the previous state of your computer in the event of a system-destroying disaster. A system image copies absolutely everything related to your computer, including settings, preferences, documents, applications, registry settings, even your desktop background. System images are not as flexible as file backups (you can’t […]

5 mins read