Windows 10: activate game mode

While the best way to improve your game performance will always be to simply “git gud”, the real experience requires something more. Recording, chatting and taking screenshots were quite difficult and necessary third-party software. You can now use Game Mode in Windows 10 to use all of these extra features natively. Some game improvement programs […]

5 mins read

Skype for Windows: how to enable subtitles on calls

Skype is primarily designed to allow visual and voice communication. Unfortunately, this somewhat limits the usefulness of the software for the hearing impaired. To help hearing-impaired users, Skype includes a closed captioning feature that can add closed captioning to a call, live. Closed captions are a great accessibility feature for the hearing impaired, however, Microsoft […]

2 mins read

How to deal with RAR files in Windows

RAR (ROshal Arkansaschive) is a proprietary archive file format that has been around since 1993. It is named after Eugene Roshal, a Russian software engineer. Windows does not support RAR files by default, which means they can only be created and opened by third-party software. The following tools help you manage RAR files on Windows. […]

3 mins read

Microsoft admits that Windows 11 was a joke and announces the launch of Windows 10X this summer

April Fool’s Day 2021: This news has been written on the occasion of the celebration of April Fool’s Day. Its content is false and has been created for humorous purposes. Almost everything around Windows 11 has been tinged with some mysteryespecially since its initial leak in which we could see that Many aspects of Windows […]

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How to Fix “This setting is managed by your administrator” in Windows 10

Sometimes, due to the lack of a Windows update or problems with Windows Defender, you receive an error message that says, “These settings are managed by your administrator,” even though you are logged in as an administrator. This could prevent you from disabling the smart display or, in some cases, launching non-Microsoft apps. You don’t […]

6 mins read

Devices not recognized on MacBook Pro by Windows XP

Apple provides users with most of the drivers necessary to run MacBook Pros with Windows XP through Boot Camp. However, there are a number of unrecognized devices. Which are?. Apple Remote/IR Receiver Described as: USB Human Interface Device ID: USB\VID_05AC&PID_8240\5&11730951&0&2 (05AC 8240) Joined to: Intel 82801G USB Universal Host Controller – 27CA > USB Root […]

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