Are you at risk? Apple releases patches to fix zero-day vulnerabilities in iOS, iPadOS, macOS and Safari

The company Manzana has just released a series of security updates for its iOS, iPadOS, macOS operating systems and even its Safari browser where it addresses zero-day security problems that are currently being exploited. For users who don’t know, zero-day (or “0-day”) failures are security vulnerabilities in software, operating systems or applications that are unknown […]

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Microsoft fixes 1 zero-day and 97 bugs in latest April 2023 update!

Microsoft has released its April 2023 monthly security update, known as “Patch Tuesday.” This update includes fixes for a total of 97 vulnerabilities different in their products, including Windows, Office, Exchange Server and others. These vulnerabilities include one critical severity and one significant severity that were already being actively exploited in the wild. In addition, […]

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Zero Hour Firewall: the review

Since when PlayStation VR and other virtual reality viewers have entered our homes, the shooter genre has certainly not held back in offering its support to this technology. As far as the Sony platform is concerned, nothing can be said from a numerical point of view, but among the various Arizona Sunshine, Farpoint and company, […]

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Battle in the unforgettable dystopian world of Slave Zero X in the new Steam Next Fest demo

Ziggurat Interactive, publisher of nostalgic and modern multiplatform games, celebrates the release of a new demo of Slave Zero. Clocking in at around 30 minutes of gameplay, the demo showcases three new areas that players will fight through, culminating in a boss fight with the cunning Enyo. During the demo, players will mete out swift […]

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Slave Zero

Ziggurat Interactive is bringing back a best-selling title from the Dreamcast era. Made in collaboration with Poppy Works and the team behind the renowned Devil Engine, and with the writing talents of Miles Luna, co-creator of RWBY, Slave Zero is an exciting new entry set in the same world as the original Slave Zero™ (1999). […]

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Chinese hackers use Zero-Day on VMware to attack Windows and Linux systems

He UNC3886 groupbacked by the Chinese state, has been discovered exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in the VMware ESXi hosts, compromising Windows and Linux systems. The authentication bypass flaw in VMware Tools allowed the execution of privileged commands on virtual machines without guest credential authentication. Mandiant, a threat intelligence firm, has previously documented UNC3886 as a […]

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Generation Zero, the review

Generation Zero it undoubtedly starts from an intriguing incipit: we find ourselves in Sweden, in an alternative 1989, and we discover that something disturbing happened while we were on a boat trip. There is no one left on the streets, the houses are empty, some vehicles lie abandoned and menacing presences move among the trees […]

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Katana Zero, the review

The first moments of Katana Zero can be deceiving, appearing as a simple action platform with stealth elements under a graphic surface that does not present any particular peculiar characteristics, among the large amount of 2D games with pixelated graphics. However, it is enough to try the first schemes to find yourself sucked into a […]

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Super Cane Magic ZERO, the review

When a video game instead of the classic “press any button to start” offers you “press something”, you immediately understand that Sio is involved. And if you don’t know Sio (pseudonym of Simone Albrigi), there’s no point in going around it, some problems immediately arise: not only have you always ignored the existence of one […]

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Project Zero Deaths, the review

Competitive shooters within arenas have codified into a multitude of different typologies at this point, so it is difficult to recognize how original there could be in the hybrid structure of Project Zero Deathsprotagonist of this review. However, it must be said that the mix of elements put together by Detis for this particular title […]

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