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Colorful reveals the NVIDIA RTX 4070 Ti Tomahawk with specifications equal to the canceled NVIDIA RTX 4080 12 GB

The graphics card of this generation that was initially going to be a NVIDIA RTX 4080 12GB has given a lot to talk about. Finally, NVIDIA canceled this model to leave only the current and already presented NVIDIA RTX 4080 with 16 GB of VRAM or simply NVIDIA RTX 4080. But the canceled 12 GB version was finally going to be an NVIDIA RTX 4070 Ti and so has been done by Colorful, which, although we will not see this model until next year, has shown this model along with its features on its website. Although it has already been removed from SamaGame, they have taken some screenshots.

These specifications that you have revealed correspond to the canceled model NVIDIA RTX 4080 with 12 GB of VRAM and that will now become the NVIDIA RTX 4070 Ti. This new NVIDIA RTX 4070 Ti uses a AD104 GPU and, although CUDA cores are not indicated, it is expected to have the full configuration of this. So we will have 7,680 CUDA cores together with 12 GB of GDDR6X VRAM running at 21 Gbps and with a 192-bit bus that offer a bandwidth of 504 GB/sits base clock speed is 2,310 MHz. It will use a 16-pin 12VHPWR connector and has a TDP of 285W.

As we see, these characteristics match the canceled model that we have simply seen how has changed his name to be launched later with the same specifications. This model is expected be announced next CES 2023.

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