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Deputy will request to open PC office in sixth municipality

Jorge Perzábal/EL VALLE
| San Quentin, BC

With the aim of mitigating the impact of damage during emergency or disaster situations, Representative Dunnia Montserrat Murillo López plans to issue an appeal to urge the Government of Baja California to establish the state Civil Protection offices in the municipality of San Quintín, accompanied of the publication of its risk atlas.
It is expected that the exhortation will be presented in the next ordinary session of the Plenary Session of the State Congress, addressed to the Secretary General of the Government, Alfredo Álvarez Cárdenas.

In her statement, the representative of District XVII highlighted the recent damage suffered by the delegations of Camalú, Vicente Guerrero and San Quintín during the rains. However, she noted that given the possibility of other areas being affected, the current reaction personnel would be insufficient to respond to reports of assistance.
Murillo López explained that the consequences include impassable roads, stagnation and flooding, the appearance of potholes and damage to homes that forced families to evacuate their homes.
“Having Civil Protection offices in the municipality of San Quintín would help citizens know what to do in the event of any incident, thus avoiding or reducing the impact of damage during emergencies or natural disasters,” he said.
In accordance with this proposal, he indicated that as authorities they have the responsibility to anticipate, plan and reduce risks for the population.
In addition, it proposes incorporating the risk atlas of San Quintín and San Felipe to the portal of the State Coordination of Civil Protection.

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