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DigiDelivery™ 2.0 now available

DigiDelivery, the new standard in global file transfer, now includes Server-to-Server Relay and updated client software.

DigiDelivery 2.0

DigiDelivery™ allows you to exchange any type of digital file, of practically any size and with anyone in the world. DigiDelivery is simpler, faster, safer and more affordable than FTP or express delivery services, combining an ultra-simple software utility with a professional server that installs on your network, and has been adopted by major audio companies. , mastering, radio, film and video games from around the world. Now, DigiDelivery 2.0 adds a ton of new features that make this file-sharing industry standard even better.

Among its main new features is Server-to-Server Relay: if both the sender and the receiver have DigiDelivery servers, Server-to-Server Relay speeds up the delivery process by automatically transferring deliveries from the sender’s server to the receiver’s server. Since the slowest part of the process is carried out by the servers, both the sender and receiver’s computers are free to dedicate themselves to other more important tasks. More importantly, if you need a session to be available at another studio the next morning, your deadline will be extended by hours as the data can be transferred overnight and ready for download when the recipient arrives.

The DigiDelivery 2.0 client software also allows you to create multiple deliveries at once, queue them, prioritize them, and even cancel and resend them (DigiDelivery will pick up exactly where you left off). Additionally, you can name each delivery, add information, view the history of recent deliveries, and save login information for the accounts you use most frequently.

Prices start at €2,970 for the DigiDelivery Serv|LT and €9,000 for the DigiDelivery Serv|GT.

In addition to Windows XP and Mac OS For full details, visit www.digidelivery.net.

DigiDelivery™ is now available for distribution

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