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Find a solution to the Surface Pro 3 overheating problem

Just a few weeks after Microsoft finally released the Core i3 and Core i7 models for its Surface Pro 3 tablet, many consumers began reporting an overheating issue. And it’s becoming increasingly clear that these are not just one or two isolated incidents, as users are reporting that their tablets are getting very hot, and as a result, users are also hearing loud noises from fans spinning a lot.

Although Microsoft has not yet commented on this heating issue, some users are working hard to find a solution. And according to a Microsoft support forum topic, user Step_001 claims that the problem appears to be caused by Windows Installer module and Windows Installer module worker.

These processes will start working for no apparent reason and will greatly increase the Surface Pro 3’s processor and memory, causing the device to overheat and making the fan noisy and irritating.

Some users in the same Microsoft support segment agree that Go to Task Manager and end these two processes, it temporarily solves the heat and noisy and irritating fan. It is important to note that this is not a documented fix by Microsoft and it is not clear if the procedure will resolve all Surface Pro 3 Core i7 overheating issues. (If you have the problem, it never hurts to try.)

If the problem really causes a software bug in Windows 8.1, we can expect Microsoft to release an update soon, but if it’s a design or hardware issue, it can become very complex for the company to resolve.

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