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Google Chrome will now allow users to group their cards

The tech giant is introducing a new tool to organize Chrome Browser cards and group them together, it announced Wednesday. Users can right-click tabs to add them to groups and then mark these groups with a custom name, color, emoji, or combination of these three elements, said Edward Jung, Chrome engineer in a blog post. Google’s preliminary research has shown several popular ways to group cards: by topic, urgency (“ASAP,” “this week,” or “later”), or progress (“not yet started,” “in progress,” or ” filled”).

“Card groups can be customized so you can decide how to use them,” Jung said.

(The writer’s trick is to open a new browser window for each story you’re working on or when you reach a certain threshold of cards, which means instead of 36 cards you have three windows with 12 cards each.) (The editor of this story now has 18 tabs open in one window.)

While card organizers are not a new concept, services like OneTab. Group and Would be for example, offer Chrome extensions: for the first time, Google offers its own.

This feature, which Google has been testing for months, is currently only available in the beta version of Chrome. The company will add it to the new version of Chrome starting next week, introducing it gradually to avoid affecting the “stability and performance of the browser.”

One thing that won’t change, no matter what Google does, is the joy of closing dozens of cards when you’re done working on something.

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