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Google plans to make its products available worldwide

Internet users outside the US will soon be able to access all of Google Inc’s products, many of which are only available in limited regions, if the company’s search for the right executive is successful.

The University of Limerick, in the west of Ireland, has been asked by Google and an executive search firm to help them find a translation guru to lead an initiative to internationalize all Google products.

On its website, Google lists jobs available for people with internationalization and localization skills, perhaps another indication that it is making an effort to expand its reach.

Ireland has become a hub for internationalization work, so it’s a good place for Google to look for experienced workers. Multinational companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and Symantec carry out localization work from their offices in Ireland. Google’s largest operating center outside the United States is in Dublin, where Google brings together staff from 40 countries and serves customers in 35 countries with 30 different languages.

Google, which currently has 112 international domains, is not alone among search engines trying to expand its audiences. Yahoo has made changes to its website to serve customers from very different countries, such as Indonesia, Taiwan, Greece and Argentina.

Source: Macworld

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