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Google Slides: How to Print Slides with Notes

Printing a slide-based presentation can be very useful for all types of public speaking, studying, and more, especially if any notes you’ve added are also printed. You can print your slides, including notes, with just a few clicks, and we show you how.

First, open your presentation and make sure it’s ready to print. Make sure your printer is connected, active, and has enough ink and paper. Next, click the File tab at the top and select the Print and Preview Settings option.

Print settings and preview options

It may take a few seconds, but a preview of your slides will launch. At the top you will see a new menu bar with options. Click on the first one and select 1 slide with notes. This will print exactly one slide per page, plus any notes that accompany that slide.

1 slide with notes per printed page

You also have additional options, such as including or not including slides and omitting backgrounds. Be sure to check the preview before printing; If it doesn’t look like you, adjust it until it does.

When you’re happy with your slides, it’s time to print. Google Slides will take a few minutes to prepare your file. You’ll see another smaller preview along with options to select your printer and the pages you want to print.

The final print preview

Simply follow the same printing process as you normally would from here on out and enjoy your printed presentation and notes!

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