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How to activate dark mode on Instagram

Set dark theme on mobile phone has become a habit of many users, also driven by the presence of AMOLED screens in mid-range smartphones or, in any case, in the most accessible devices at the price level.

Just a couple of taps are enough to enable it, but just as easily you can also activate dark mode on Instagram and many other social applications. The advantages are certainly many, starting with less visual fatigue, undoubtedly among the most important advantages of mode dark.

You do not know how? No problem: this guide will explain step by step the steps to follow on your phone, both in Android like in iOS (iPhone), without having to get lost in the settings of your device.

Before we begin, we suggest that you take a look (given the close affinity with the topic we are preparing to develop) at our in-depth analysis on how to activate dark mode on your mobile phone (Android either iPhone), or even PC: these useful indications will undoubtedly be very useful to save some percentage of autonomy and not strain your eyes too much.

How to activate it on Android

He dark theme on mobile phones (or more generally on other mobile devices such as tablets) has become a consolidated reality for some years. With the launch of Android 10 and in parallel iOS 13each user can choose to configure dark mode, and this regardless of whether or not there is a AMOLED screen on your device.

Therefore, it is clear that for activate dark mode on Instagram You will first have to meet this small (but important) requirement at the operating system level: the smartphone or tablet will have to be updated to Android 10 or later and, in the case of the iPhone, to iOS 13 and later versions.

Of course, it is recommended update Instagram to the latest version, to make sure you have access to all the top news offered by the developers of the popular social network. To do this, simply access the official Android or iOS stores (depending on the device you have) and download the app update as proposed below:

  • Android: Open the app Play Store and, once you reach the main screen, tap your profile icon (or its initials, in the absence of an image) and press «Manage app and device«. In the next window, search instagram among the applications with available updates, then press «Update» to start the download and installation;
  • iPhone: Open the app App Store and click on your profile icon. On the next screen, scroll down to the «Upcoming automatic updates“: Yes go instagram among the applications for which a new update is available, simply tap the «Update«.

Once these necessary premises have been made, let’s see how to have dark mode on Instagram on Android; In the following paragraphs we will dedicate the same procedure for iPhone and PC.

However, a simple consideration is enough: just activate the dark theme on your phone for have dark Instagram and many other applications characterized by this mode. If you want to enable the dark mode in Chrome permanently, We have created a special article about it.

To do this, you will first need to unlock the device and enter system settings (note that this is the app Settingand not instead of the setting of Instagram). On the new screen, tap the «Screen» and look for an option like «Issue dark” either “Dark mode«: at this point, move the lever to ON to enable this feature.

These steps may differ from device to device, taking into account the various customizations of Android (such as Samsung’s OneUI, Xiaomi’s MIUI, OnePlus’ OxygenOS, and Oppo’s ColorOS, just to name a few) by the various mobile phone manufacturers.

Activate on iOS

Similarly, you can activate dark mode on Instagram on iPhone simply by enabling the theme dark in iOS. These are the steps to follow:

  • Unlock your device and enter the main page.
  • Locate the application Setting and open it (by the way, Knows How to hide applications on iPhone?).
  • Scroll down and click «Screen«.
  • Tap «Dark mode” and ready.

At this point, just launch instagram to see a predominance of dark colors, with obvious joy for the eyes. How do you say? Does the result not satisfy you? No problem! By following the reverse procedure, you can return to the original mode: you just need to put the indicator lever for dark mode on OFF and ready.

Is Instagram draining the battery of your smartphone? Then we suggest you disable a simple feature that could help you recover some percentage points, especially if you use the Meta social media app spasmodically.

You should know, in fact, that instagram By default it is used to preload images and videos; However, there is a way to limit this behavior. All you have to do is open the app and tap on the Instagram menu icon located at the top right, then tap Setting.

At this point, on the new screen, press «Account” and in «Usage of mobile data»activate the function «Saving of data«.

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