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How to create trending videos for Instagram and TikTok

To promote your blog and gain a large audience, it is important to use various platforms. At the peak of popularity today are TikTok and Instagram, where videos with different transitions and eye-catching effects are very popular and do not require much time. People love to watch short video clips, and it is crucial for bloggers in any field to learn how to edit TikTok videos. Here are some tips to help you improve your videos.

Use original transitions

TikTok and Instagram are social networks where it is important to follow trends. If an influencer does something that is out of fashion, they risk becoming an object of ridicule. Therefore, it’s important to do what’s trendy, and transitions are at an all-time high right now.

For your video to appear in recommendations, it is important that the transition is unique, of quality, and appears very complicated. To do this, VJump can help you with its “Out of Body” transitions: https://vjump.com/es/out-of-body-effect-tiktok and thousands of other original templates. With this application, you will easily understand how to achieve a cool effect. Thanks to this, editing TikTok videos will not be as difficult as it seemed before.

See other trends

You don’t have to be an inventor, you can be inspired by existing videos and interpret them in your own way. See what type of content influential bloggers publish and use their ideas to create something of your own.

If there is a trend on TikTok or Instagram Reels, you should join it and record a similar video. The platforms will promote your work more actively and you will gain a larger audience.

Use popular sound effects

Sound is very important as it creates the right atmosphere in the video. Sometimes a quote from a movie or a song itself becomes a trend. To make your video trend, you can choose:

  • A popular song.
  • Mashups (combination of two songs into one).
  • Melodies from movies or cartoons.

This way, it will be much easier to appear in recommendations. Plus, it’s always easier to add subtitles and beautiful music than to record the video audio yourself.

Make sure the video is of good quality

Often the problem with videos lies not in the quality of the camera, but in the lack of lighting or the use of editing applications that reduce the quality. Good quality video is more likely to appear in recommendations, so record in front of a bright lamp or window.

Also, in the settings of TikTok and Instagram, you must allow the uploading of videos in the maximum quality. After all, you don’t need to be a professional at editing TikTok videos or have special equipment to achieve good results.

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