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How to download Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

There are many users who visit Instagram for see the Stories that other users offer through this social network. The number of Stories that we can see is very large and some are original or you want to see again it would be very difficult to locate. Furthermore, many of them They will only last 24 hours, so after this time you will not be able to see them again. For this you can download Instagram Stories and save them to see them again or share them, Let’s see how to do it.

If you like a Story you can share it, but also You can save it to see it again as many times as you want. or send it in the form of an image or video to other friends or family. This is very useful when the recipient you want to share the Instagram Story with You do not have an account on this social network. Saving images or videos is a much more standard way to share content, too much easier and you also avoid sending links to other users.

To save Instagram Stories you don’t need anything special, for this There are many web pages available that do it for you. Its operation is very basic, you would have to send the link with the Story and you can download the content directly from your mobile phone or PC and save it on your device.

You also have the option of do it with some applicationgiven the popularity of this type of actions, they have appeared in the Play Store or the App Store depending on whether you use Android or iOS, many applications that perform this action. The operation is the same as the previous option, some applications can also offer you extras that can be very useful

Let’s see how to do it.

Download Instagram Stories via web

As we have mentioned before, to download a Story only you must add the link to one of the dozens of web pages that we can find for this. Some of the best known are:

  • www.save-insta.com
  • Igram.io
  • StoriesIG.app
  • StoriesIG.info

This option is recommended If you are going to do it from a PC, since it is easier to copy and paste than on a mobile phone, although it is also possible to do it from this without any problem. The operation is that simple, let’s see step by step how it works.

  1. We enter Instagram and select the Story that we want to copy. If you do it with the browser directly you can copy the urlif you do it from the application you will have to copy the link from the option available in the 3 points while viewing it.

  2. We came in any of the websites who are capable of saving these Stories in video or photo. You can do it on your mobile or on a PC with a browser.

  3. We make sure the tab is checked Historysince some websites offer other functions in addition to this.

  4. We paste the address and click on the button See to access them.

  5. We will immediately see the buttons to downloadIf it is an image we can save it in JPG, if it is a video it will be downloaded in MP4 format. Both formats can be played on most devices.

You already have your image or video of the Instagram story available. But also there are applications that do this, so it is much more convenient if you do it from a mobile phone. Let’s see how to do it.

Use an App to save Stories

By doing a simple search we can find many applications that perform this function. Between the most outstanding and with best score we find:

  • Download Instagram videos
  • Mojo – Stories & Reels Editor
  • Video Downloader – Story Saver
  • Story Saver

Choose the one you like the most, since they all perform the same task, you can Decide on one in particular if it offers you some extra utility or simply the best rated.

The main thing is to install the application, decide on one and install it on your phone, its operation is similar in all of them. Us we have tested Ins Mate Pro You can search for it as “Download Instagram videos” in the Play Store.

The application allows two methods To download the Stories, we tell you how.

  1. Open the application instagram and search your history to save.

  2. Click on the 3 points that appear in the upper right.

  3. Now you have two options. The first is:
    1. Can Copy link by clicking on the corresponding option.
    2. Open the Ins Mate Pro app and the link will be pasted automatically to be able to download it.

  4. The second option is:
    1. Click on Share on and select the application Ins Mate Pro (or the one you have decided to install) and will appear automatically to download.

This way you can save images or videos directly on your phone.

Get the Stories you like the most forever

It is that simple, and from any device, save Instagram Stories. We have seen two forms alternatives with the same result, a useful one when we have a PC by hand and another through an App which makes it much more comfortable if we do it from a mobile phone.

Store them in the most convenient way to have them forever. without having to access Instagram and without having to look for it again.

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