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How to verify your Instagram account

If you have ever noticed the blue check mark next to an Instagram profile and you were jealous that you don’t have it, you are not alone. That mark means that they are prestigious accounts that deserve special status. But How can you verify yourself on Instagram?

In this article, we will guide you through the verification, we will provide some tips to help you get verified on Instagram and we’ll explore some of the obstacles to doing so…

What is Instagram verification?

Similarly to the verification of Twitter , Instagram uses a blue tick iconl to indicate a account verified . You’ll see these appear next to account names on your pages, as well as in search results.

This verified control means that instagram has confirmed the identity of the account, so you can be sure it is not a fake. Fake or fan accounts often appear for public figures, and verification helps ensure you don’t fall for fake social media.

It is important to note that verification is not an endorsement. instagram you don’t use the check mark to say you approve of the account or think you should follow it; It’s just that the people with blue marks are who they say they are.

Instagram says it does not actively monitor verified accountsbut you can revoke that status if the account starts breaking the rules.

How to get verified on Instagram

So now that you know what verification is, how do you get it?

Unfortunately, getting verified on Instagram is not easy . Unlike Twitter, which has a page (currently unavailable) where you can request account verification, Instagram decides who to verify itself. Also, unlike Twitter, Instagram does not provide a list of industries it is typically verified in.

Wonder what it takes to get verified on @instagram… pic.twitter.com/1tgrhBmqBH

— DrLupo (@DrLupo) August 8, 2018

The verification help page instagram Said this:

“Accounts representing well-known figures and brands are verified because they have a high probability of being impersonated.”

It also clarifies that “only some public figures, celebrities and brands are verified.” Because of this, in all likelihood, your account will not be verified unless generate a significant following on the social network.

Even accounts with tens of thousands of followers are still not verified if they do not represent a public figure. Having said that, If you think your account has the potential to be verified, here are some tips to improve your chances.

Develop your online profile elsewhere

If your profile is for a recognizable person or brand, it should be easy to find them online outside of Instagram.

Search your name and see what comes up. If you don’t have an active Twitter profile, website, or other ways to communicate with your fan base, set them up. Also can create a successful YouTube channel with videos that generate traffic.

Be sure to link to these other pages in your profile instagram to generate confidence about your identity.

If your fame is due to Instagram

This is similar to the previous point and sounds a little strange, but consider Instagram’s intentions with verification. You want to make sure that accounts that could be impersonated are verified so people know who the real one is.

Therefore, If you have developed your online fame through Instagram, it is unlikely that other accounts will come up when you search for your name. But if you are a respected brand previously known from other sites and services, Instagram may see your profile as something worth checking so people can be sure it’s you.

For example, if your brand recommends products, a fake account may appear to spam innocent people with junky links.

Keep your account active

Instagram will not verify inactive accounts. With this in mind, be sure to use the service frequently, not just posting your own photos, but responding to comments, appreciating other images, and taking advantage of hashtags. Also you must make sure that highlights on this social network.

Don’t do “follow me and I’ll follow you”

This should be obvious, but don’t do anything against the rules in your quest for verification from Instagram. Do not pay for fake followers through illegitimate services or participate in “follow to follow” schemes. Focus on gain followers honestly.

Is it worth having a verified Instagram account?

As you can see from the above, getting verified can be very tedious. Unless you are that famous, the site will verify you just for being you. It will take time and effort to build to the required level. And even if you want to take a “shortcut” using an agencythere is no guarantee that your money will get you anywhere if you are not already popular.

For the average Instagram user, verification isn’t worth it anyway. If you don’t suffer from copycat accounts and don’t make a living from your online presence, bragging rights verification is pointless. Brands that want to use social media to expand their reach have more reasons to seek verification, but it is still a difficult road.

Therefore, Our advice is to build a large enough online presence to justify verification. But unless and until that happens, don’t worry about your lack of a blue tick.

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