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The Instagram feature that is widely used to increase engagement among users is Instagram Story. There are interactive features in Instagram Story that make it more interesting to use than Instagram Post, even though it can only display photos or videos for 24 hours. Unfortunately, users often complain about the Instagram Story not posting issue and wonder why Instagram stories are not published.

This is very annoying because users have created interesting videos but cannot upload them to Instagram Story. However, when you face this problem, you don’t need to worry because you can easily fix it.

Why Instagram Stories are not published

Before knowing the various ways to fix the Instagram problem, let’s find out why Instagram stories are not posting, below.

When you can’t upload videos or photos to Instagram Story, several problems can occur. For example, your connection to the Internet network is weak or low. Or it may be that your Instagram is banned, disabled or blocked by Instagram.

The next problem that can occur is that the content of the video or photo you want to upload violates Instagram terms. Therefore, you have to make sure that your Instagram account is fine and that the content you upload is appropriate with Instagram’s terms.

File upload failure can also occur when Instagram Story does not support video or photo format What do you want to upload? If you experience any of the above problems, of course, you will not be able to upload videos or photos to Instagram Story. However, you can try to fix the problem depending on the reason.

How to fix the problem when Instagram stories are not published

It turns out that there are many reasons why you can’t upload content to Instagram Story. However, you don’t need to worry because you can easily fix it. Here are ways you can try to fix the problem with Instagram Story:

Check with Instagram if it is their problem

Before fixing the Instagram problem, you need to find out whether the problem is coming from Instagram or not. You can visit the DownDetector website and identify if there are many reports of users having problems uploading files to Instagram Story. So, this problem is most likely coming from Instagram’s side.

This way, you will be able to know if Instagram staff are working on the problem. Unfortunately, Instagram does not have a support page on Twitter, so it cannot transparently update existing problems with the app. Therefore, if this problem occurs, then you just have to wait for Instagram staff to fix the error.

Log out and log in again

You can fix the issue by logging out of your account and logging back in. This method is very easy to do and usually works. Before you log out of your Instagram account, make sure you open it first.

Next, tap on the profile photo at the bottom right. Tap the three lines icon at the top right and tap Settings. Next, scroll down and tap Sign Out. After you log out of your Instagram account, you will see the login page on the screen. Can enter a username and password and try to upload to Instagram Story again.

Delete data on Android

How to delete data in the application is very easy. However, it is not surprising that deleting data causes you to log out of all your Instagram accounts. Even so, deleting the data will not delete any photos from your Instagram account.

To clear data from the Instagram app, you can open your Android settings and go to Applications. Find the Instagram application and tap on it, then tap on Storage. The next step is to tap on Clear data or storage depending on the options available on your Android.

Restart Instagram

If you use an Apple device, you may not be able to clear the cache. This is because on Apple devices there is no option to clear app data or cache. If you’re using an Apple device, you can force quit the app by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Next, press and hold in the center until you see the app drawer.

Delete and redownload the story

This is a unique way for you to try to fix Instagram Story not posting issue. You can try re-uploading the content to your Instagram Story. However, before you try to do this, be sure to save your story if you recorded it live.

You can then disable Internet access on your device. On the screen you will see the text «Charging failed. Try again” in the story you are going to upload. Tap the three dots at the bottom right to save your story. Afterwards, you can delete the story that you cannot upload and try to upload it again.

Update your Instagram app

Some of the app problems may come from updating or lack of updates. Therefore, if you are facing the problem of Instagram Stories not publishing, you can go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to check if an update is available. Additionally, you must update your Instagram application.

If you have one of the newer versions of the Instagram app, once a new update is available, Some features may not work properly. However, if there is enough storage space on your mobile device, you can update your Instagram app as soon as a new update is available.

Sometimes when there is a new feature, Instagram does not allow all users to use it simultaneously so as not to overload the server. If this happens, you don’t have to be alarmed and just wait.