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Humanitarian groups criticize Google, Microsoft and Yahoo

Human rights groups have condemned Google, Microsoft, Cisco and Yahoo for collaborating with the Chinese government in internet censorship. The four companies have been accused of putting profits before principles in their quest to gain market share in China.

The accusation has come from the human rights group in the United States Congress, which states that these companies prefer to obtain new income rather than defend democratic values ​​such as freedom of expression.

The four companies have been summoned for next February 15 by the International Relations Subcommittee, in charge of issues related to human rights.

Google and Microsoft are accused of having agreed to censor Chinese citizens’ access to web pages whose content is not approved by the country’s government. Yahoo is accused of having provided information that facilitated the imprisonment of a Chinese journalist. Finally, there are voices that say that Cisco has helped the government track “cyber dissidents.”

In response to these accusations, Microsoft and Yahoo have issued a joint statement calling on the US government to help resolve censorship issues in China.

Anti-censorship groups, Reporters Without Borders, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have called on the US Congress to introduce a code of conduct that protects freedom of expression.

Source: Macworld

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