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Import slides from another presentation

How to easily import slides from another presentation to Microsoft PowerPoint 2019, 2016, or Office 365 with these instructions.

  1. Open PowerPoint and open the file you want to import the slides into.
  2. Select the «Home“menu.
  3. Choose “New slide«>»Reuse slides…«.
  4. The “Reuse slides»Options will appear on the right side. Select «Travel…«.
  5. Navigate to the file from which you want to import the slides. Select it, then choose «Open«.
  6. Find and select the slides you want to import. If you want to keep the formatting of the imported slides, select the option «Keep source format“Checkbox.

If you accidentally import an unwanted slide, use the CTRL+X keyboard shortcut to undo the last change or right-click on the slide and select «Delete slide«.

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