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Instagram will soon implement polls in the comments section

The idea of ​​including polls in the comments is not one that leaves one astonished, since in the past some leakers had suspected its possible inclusion.

This move, coordinated by the head of Instagram Adam Mosseriseems to be pushing in the direction of remaining competitive with competing platforms like X.

It is precisely in the comments field of the former Twitter that a similar functionality has already been widely implemented for some time with moderate success.

The new use of this tool will serve to offer companies and creators an additional opportunity to increase interaction with their audience and take advantage of user feedback, or even simply as a means of entertainment and leisure.

The information in our hands to date suggests that polls in the comments will have a look visually similar to those used in the storieswhere for some years they have been present in the form of stickers.

Users will be given the opportunity to trigger questions, answer them and then be able to check how many participated by opting for a specific choice.

At the moment it is not yet clear whether the surveys will have an expiration after being published, nor whether users will be able to select various time intervals to receive responses as happens on Twitter.
For these details it is best to update yourself until Instagram has officially released the function.

Mosseri announced that the feature is being tested on the platform, with a limited test underway.

The choice to export the polls reminds us of how Instagram is making several attempts to transform the comments section into an increasingly interactive space.

In a broader picture, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg appears very motivated to enhance interaction between users within his products, as seen in the launch of broadcast channels on Facebook and Messenger, or as we understood last May , still on Instagram, with the addition of GIFs to the comments.

Finally, news has emerged that Facebook and Instagram are considering an ad-free subscription model for European users, but the expected costs appear to be quite high: we are talking about an amount that would exceed ten dollars a month. It remains to be seen whether this option will actually be implemented and how it will be received by users.

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