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Intel improves CS:GO performance by up to 2.3 times with the Intel Arc A770 and its latest drivers

Intel still has a long way to go with the drivers for its new Intel Arc graphics cards. At the moment it is updating them regularly to include support for new games like The Callisto Protocol in this latest version available. But he already warned us that Its graphics are optimized for the latest APIs such as DX12 and Vulkanalthough with this latest version also improvements have been made to games with the older DX9 API.

This affects games that are still widely played, such as Counter Strikewhere now we can get on average up to 1.8 times more FPS and up to 2.3 times more FPS in 99% compared to the previous version of the drivers. This way, playing these games with DX9 in 1080 or 1440p will now be a smoother experienceincreasing in some titles from 228 FPS to 346 FPS, as is the case of League of Legends in 1440p. If we go to CS:GO, in a resolution of 1080 points it has been possible to increase from 177 FPS to 318 FPS.

Other games that will benefit are Guild Wars2, Payday 2, Stellaris or Starcraft 2which have increased their FPS rate simply by updating to the latest version of these drivers and transparently For the users.

This is possible thanks to a customization of the translation layer to work with older APIs from a more modern API. Additionally, Intel continues to work to support older APIs and improve current ones, to offer refined drivers, without errors and with support for all the most played titleswhether modern or older.