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Intel looks to Italy to build its European semiconductor packaging plant

Intel plans to open a new plant in Europe. The United Kingdom was automatically ruled out due to Brexit, and Spain could be one of the candidate countries for this new plant. According to the latest report from Reuters Intel is considering Italy for this European chip packaging plant. Intel has announced that it will not make any decisions this year regarding investments in Europe. However, this report raises a disbursement of 4 to 8 billion for this new semiconductor packaging plant.

The Italian government also has expressed his concerns. First of all, he asked how many jobs this new plant will generate in his country. He also wants to know the energy consumption that the plant will generate. Intel must respond strategically so as not to hinder its plans in case it finally bets on the Italian country.

But this is not the only investment that Intel wants to make in Europe, with the construction of this base in Italy it would leave a larger factory for France or Germany that he wants to build in the coming years. Intel has told Reuters that negotiations are underway They are confidential, but they are eager to announce their plans as soon as possible. From Intel they want to support the EU plans for the manufacturing of semiconductors in Europe by 2030.

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