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It’s not your connection, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have stopped working

As you may notice if you try to access any of the three main Facebook services, the network that hosts the social networks of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp has fallenthus leaving without service all users who trust any of these three social networks for any of their purposes, What would WhatsApp business accounts be like?

It seems to be a fall that affects Facebook’s infrastructure globally, so it is not only users in Spain or any group of territories who are suffering the consequences, but rather it seems to be a fall that resides near where the services themselves live.

For now it is unknown what the problem could be, given that any status page would also be inaccessible in the event of a crash of this type, as we see on these lines. In any case, it is to be expected that the companies’ support teams They can get to work as soon as possible to try to return the service.

This is a difficult forecast, for example, for WhatsApp, a service that usually fails in the new year to the point of being something classic, despite Facebook’s attempts to prevent this from happening.

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