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iTunes Sessions, by Wynton Marsalis

The album in question is the result of collaboration between the musician and Apple. In addition to recording three exclusive songs for iTunes, Wynton and his quartet participated in the Apple event on October 12, 2005 in San Jose, California. As extras, the EP includes the iPod+iTunes advert ‘Sparks’, a ‘How the EP was recorded’ video and Wynton Marsalis’ performance at the aforementioned event. All for only €2.97.

iTunes Session by Wynton Marsalis

Wynton Marsalis was born in New Orleans on October 18, 1961. He is a jazz trumpeter, composer and arranger. He is the jazz musician with the greatest media impact of the last twenty-five years and one of the great trumpeters in history. Wynton Marsalis is the standard-bearer of neoclassicism in jazz, covering swing and the most modern readings of bebop with a classic and technically impeccable style.

Marsalis’s entry into the jazz scene at the beginning of the eighties broke with the inertia of young performers’ preference for fusion: Wynton not only opted for acoustic jazz that was attached to tradition, but also carried out critical work. combative against practically all avant-garde jazz made since the mid-sixties, considering it music outside the limits of what can be considered jazz. He heads the so-called Young Lions movement, promoting new performers and drawing attention to jazz to record companies hitherto unrelated to him. His determined musical commitment and his vision of the history of jazz have made him a controversial figure, beyond a certain coincidence regarding his high artistic qualities.

Marsalis’s trumpet sound has two great influences: that of Freddie Hubbard and, above all, that of Miles Davis. Sometimes criticized for his excessive mimicry of Davis, it would not be until his 1990 recording ‘Tune in Tomorrow’ that Marsalis managed to make himself feel, for the majority of critics, as a fully independent performer. His study of early jazz styles, such as that of Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington, has helped establish his sound as truly personal.

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