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Japan announces that in 2035 it will build a fuel plant on the Moon

Japan It seems that it always wants to be the one that innovates and advances in technology, since the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) announced that it wants to build a hydrogen fuel plant by 2035, but not on Earth, but on the satellite natural, that is, the Moon.

This project, according to the agency, Japan’s only objective is to participate in lunar exploration from the middle of the next decade, using hydrogen from water extracted from the ice deposits of the Moon, a great step for humanity, in addition to achieved would be a historic event never seen before.

Japan and the United States will participate in the project

This project will not only involve the aforementioned Japanese agency, but also the United States’ Artemis program in the construction of the Gateway lunar orbit space station during this decade, so construction of this tempting project begins in 2035.

The Japanese space agency clarified that this fuel will be used in a reusable spacecraft that will be able to transport four astronauts from Gateway and travel up to 1,000 kilometers on the moon.

Fuel plant will help reduce costs

Another goal is cost savings, as Japan anticipates that the use of water-derived fuel will reduce costs compared to transporting fuel from Earth. According to JAXA estimates, 37 tons of water are needed for a round trip from Gateway and 21 tons for each exploration trip to the lunar surface, all of which would be reduced.

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It is important to note that Japan is not the only country that wants to enter this “market”, as India and the United States also have plans to analyze the water resources of the moon, although it is not known if they will enter with Japan’s project or Iran. alone, on their own. Do you think Japan will be able to build the fuel plant on the Moon?

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