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Microsoft, goodbye to Surface for Lumia

Microsoft she is ready to abandon the brand Surface in favor of Lumia. This is a rumor which is circulating online these days. The Redmond company, in fact, would not be happy with the appeal of the name Surface (the one that characterizes tablets with the Windows OS operating system) on consumers and would be considering the possibility of extending the Lumia brand (that of smartphones) to electronic tablets as well.

The operation – naturally not confirmed by Microsoft – would not be so absurd given how much the American company has invested in its tablets but how the success has been extremely limited especially when compared to the numbers that Android and Apple products accumulate on a weekly basis. Microsoft could therefore try to play the Lumia brand card (perhaps also taking advantage of the appeal of that of Nokia) to reinvigorate a product which, from the point of view of technical characteristics, has very little to envy of the competition.

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