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Microsoft introduces 84-inch Surface Hub device with Windows 10 to the workplace

At the Windows 10 briefing event, Microsoft made many big announcements and unveiled a new giant office device that runs Windows 10. The new device is called Surface Huband is the next generation of Microsoft’s Perceptive Pixel, the new Surface category is a massive 84-inch 4K display, including pen support and multi-touch gesture input.

The Surface Hub is for business customers and conference rooms, but Microsoft says it will be an affordable solution to help teams in the workplace collaborate in a new way. The device has dual cameras, microphones, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity and several other “advanced sensors.”

The basic idea of ​​the Surface Hub is to have a device to collaborate, to hold meetings; Interact with data on the screen with a stylus or fingers and share work with anyone.

It runs Windows 10, but has a custom interface tailored to the device. It offers OneNote as the main app for drawing and note taking, Skype video calling, you can run any Windows app, and other Windows 10 devices can easily connect.


Surface Hub (Microsoft proposal)

  • The best tool to create and debate
  • Interesting and productive meetings
  • New big screen apps for Windows 10
  • Designed for the modern workplace

The Surface Hub comes in two models: 55 inches and 84 inches, the giant Surface will be available later this year and Microsoft has not shared any details on pricing or technical specifications.

For more information visit the official Microsoft Surface Hub website.

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