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Microsoft’s European antitrust case takes an unexpected turn

The European Commission official who was due to take up the antitrust case against Microsoft next month has been offered a job at a Brussels-based consultancy that has Microsoft on its client list.

Henri Piffaut, deputy director of the unit handling the antitrust case, has taken leave from his civil servant position at the Commission for personal reasons, said Commission competition spokesman Jonathan Todd.

“The situation is fluid. The Commission has not yet responded to the request and for the moment he remains employed here,” he said.

Next month, Piffaut was due to take over from Cecilio Madero Villarejo, who has led the unit for the past seven years. He joined the unit as assistant director at the beginning of the year.

The antitrust case against Microsoft is unlikely to be affected by Piffaut’s request to leave, Todd said.

Microsoft spokesman in Brussels, Tom Brookes, said he has heard about Piffaut’s possible job change, but declined to comment further.

Source: Macworld UK

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