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Moon Festival of Swords of Legends Online, AION celebrates 13 years

There are only a few days left for the players of Swords of Legends Online to participate in the Moon Festival. Through September 29, head to Starmirror Island for festive activities, collect moon offering incense, and browse Chang Rong’s latest articles. Don’t forget to look at the sky above Cloudrise Chang’an and Jiangdu every night to see the moon and stars above!

Once the relaxation is over and you’ve eaten your Moon Cakes, work off that extra energy with the Clash Over Divine Waters (Faith of Danschant) raid Easy or Normal. Go out with 10-20 of your most trusted allies to meet the Baiqian of the Dragonstar District, so you can face hideous adversaries who have escaped a tear in time and space. If you are successful, you will earn powerful rewards such as level 255 gear.

Finally, the new Battle Pass season began in September. Until November 3, players can reach milestones by having fun with Swords of Legends Online and taking part in activities such as raids and PVP. The more you do, the more you earn! Get into the spirit of the season by collecting rewards like an autumn umbrella and a coffin to carry on your back.

Take this last chance to take part in events celebrating the 13th anniversary of AION ! Until September 28, players can enjoy a series of events and celebrate Daeva Day by logging in every day for special rewards! Don’t forget to visit the Great Wheel of Gelkmaros Fortress or the Inggison Illusion Fortress to enter the Dreamscape and participate in special events. Venture alone into Trillonerk’s tantalizing Secret Gold Vault as the Black Ranger to earn keys to the Imperial Chest and the chance to open Trillonerk’s safe in exchange for Daevas Coins. Those Daeva Coins can be delivered to Boparobo for rewards such as a Anniversary Transformation Box or Stigma Enchantment Stone.

Don’t forget to attend the Harvest Revel Festival! Until September 28, Gelkmaros Fortress and Inggison Fortress Illusion Autumn Harvest Master is looking for Harvest Revel Coins. The Moon Rabbit has also lost his Moonluck, and if you return it by logging in to get one or purchasing it from the AION store, you can get items like the Wish Lantern e Ultimate Extreme Enchantment Stone. The new update 8.4 will be published on Wednesday 28 October.

AION players will be able to pick up a new Battle Pass. The Daeva Pass offers tier and premium rewards, with players able to take on daily, weekly and seasonal quests for incredible rewards and two premium transformations. The premium pass can be purchased with Luna, and purchasing it gives a player an advantage in the next season by kicking things off at level eight, rather than level one.

Finally, Yustiel and Lumiel both have a completely new look: the Ultimate Transformation is here! Each features a completely new design for the Empyrean Lords, so enjoy their splendor by logging in to play!

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