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More laptops are sold than desktops

According to Current Analysis, in the US retail market sales of laptops surpassed those of desktop computers throughout 2005. If in 2004 they had accounted for 43% of total sales, in the last year laptops surpassed for the first time in history the 50% barrier, reaching a share of 50.9%.

Although these are retail market figures, IDC analyst Richard Slim predicts that in 2007 laptop sales will dominate the entire US market. Until recently it was thought that this would not happen before 2008.

Although the proliferation of wireless networks in recent years has also contributed, price is one of the key factors behind the strong growth of laptops. Several manufacturers offer high-performance models for around $1,000, and lower-end units can be had from $499.

One of the biggest beneficiaries of this phenomenon has been Intel, which has seen how Centrino has played a key role in the benefits obtained in recent years. The company has recently launched a new version of Centrino based on dual-core chips.

Other benefiting companies have been Advanced Micro Devices, which grew significantly in the last quarter, and the PC manufacturer Toshiba, which thanks to its strong positioning in the laptop sector has once again positioned itself among the top five manufacturers in the world.

Source: Marketwatch-cnet

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