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ON1 Effects, powerful application to apply effects to photos

There are a few applications designed for mobile devices that have achieved great success. With them you can not only take photos with your smartphone’s camera but you can also apply attractive effects to them that turn them into unique and original images. ON1 Effects is a desktop application, for Windows and macOS, designed with one primary purpose, to apply effects to your photos. The effects are applied with a single click and have a distinctly professional appearance. It allows you to add the popular HDR and retro looks, emulating old photos, among many other effects. You can also give the results vignette shapes or add custom texture and borders.

The program is free. It allows you to give an elegant and unique touch to your photos. To do this, you have a large number of effects in order to improve images in an instant, without having to navigate through complicated menus and settings, in which you have to use specific parameters in the settings. Everything is predetermined in advance. You apply the effect, see if you like the results, and if you don’t like them, you select another one. The app works independently or as a plugin for Photoshop CS6 or CC, Elements 13, 14 or 15, Lightroom 5, Classic CC or CC, and Apple Photos.


As we have already indicated, this free version of ON1 Effects It does not include a watermark on your creations and, at least at this time, it also offers a free version. It is an ideal tool for photographers and photography lovers who want to take advantage of the intuitive and powerful tools that allow you to add attractive effects to images. It won’t take much time to get a unique photo using this application. The filters offered are fully adjustable. It also allows the combination of various effects.


To get this application you must access ON1 Effects. On the entry page you must click on Free Download to obtain the free version of the program.

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