The European Parliament rejects the initiative of several European governments to store data on the origin and destination of telephone and Internet communications in the framework of the fight against…
You just bought a new Google Pixel phone and you’re looking forward to playing with your new device. But first, you need to set up the phone and transfer the…
Manzana is scheduled to launch the new Apple Watch Series 8 for the end of this year, along with the new iPhone 14. There has been much talk about the…
It’s been three years since we said goodbye to the princesses of Arendelle: Elsa, after becoming queen and making peace with her magic, seems serene. Of course, never like Anna,…
Parliament urges the Government to promote research into free software. The Joint Commission for Relations with the Court of Accounts today unanimously approved urging the Government to promote the research,…

Magic Brick Wars, the review

There Magic Brick Wars reviewthe new title of Halfbrick Studiosstarts from a rather bitter observation: seeing such a talented team, creators of games like Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, limit themselves to creating a clone of Clash Royale it doesn’t put you in a good mood and actually leaves you rather perplexed regarding the current […]

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What is an Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) file? definition and meaning

EPS or Encapsulated PostScript files are a type of file used to store high-resolution graphics and images in the PostScript page description language. EPS is a file standard that allows users to easily transfer high-resolution graphics between different programs and applications. EPS images can be resized without losing quality, which is a problem that other […]

2 mins read

Bee Simulator, the review

This game only has one major problem, and it’s in the title. Why the hell call it Bee Simulator, what if there’s nothing like a simulator? Maybe they were trying to carve out a little corner for themselves next to those stupid simulators that sometimes become popular on Twitch, like Goat or Stone Simulator, or […]

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$8.75 million will make Bittorrent “legal”

BitTorrent, the company that created the best p2p program, has received a donation of $8.75 million from the company Doll Capital Management for the creation of a legal digital distribution service. According to its business plan, the contents of different independent producers of games, videos, movies and music will be collected for legal distribution. BitTorrent […]

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What is Microsoft Windows? definition and meaning

Microsoft Windows is the generic name for the family’s various operating systems, including CE, 98, Millennium Edition (ME), 2000, and XP, which are designed to run on Intel hardware. With the development of a significant number of 32-bit Windows applications, Windows has become the extremely dominant operating system for desktop systems worldwide; its market share […]

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The Stretchers, the review

It’s not often that we see surprise games hit the market, of which we know nothing, announced and released at the same time. It is obvious that this can only happen with “minor” products and that perhaps this type of management can instill some doubts about the actual quality, but with our review of The […]

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ATI launches Crossfire

Four months ago, ATI announced Crossfire, a dual graphics card that aims to give better performance to 3D users by allowing the addition of a second card. Today ATI has officially announced the launch of the first line of Crossfire hardware. Taking a look at this first line of Crossfire implementations, there seem to be […]

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Narcos: Rise Of The Cartel, the review

Kuju is a name known to some more attentive and experienced players, given the debut title was Train Simulator 2001 at the dawn of the millennium. Since then the London-based developer has worked more or less in the shadows, collaborating with other software houses on projects such as Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, Marvel […]

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