In the last two years, we have all welcomed new Web-based programs like Google Maps and the Web program development techniques like AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) that make them…
If you have a Lenovo or HP laptop and try to access the camera on Zoom, Teams, Skype, or any other video conferencing service, you can sometimes get the SPUVCbv64.syBSOD…
The fifteen days of free games continue for the Epic Games Christmas promotion in its Epic Games Store. After giving away games like Loop Hero or Vampyr, from today at…
Bauman once said that evil and fear are Siamese twins. A very particular phrase, which we can easily steal from the philosopher’s books to apply to Outlast. The title of…
Internet users outside the US will soon be able to access all of Google Inc’s products, many of which are only available in limited regions, if the company’s search for…

EVGA SuperNOVA 550w G3 power supply

Introduction This new EVGA model is configured at a power level that is very suitable for a modern PC with a processor of just over 100w, graphics around 200w and additional components. Medium power, for modern and capable PCs, which also adds good levels of energy efficiency and a format that makes it very attractive […]

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The Marvels director says she was inspired by Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Nia DaCosta, director of The Marvels, revealed in an interview with IGN that she used the computer-animated film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children as a source of inspiration. During the presentation of The Marvels, Nia DaCosta referenced “some scenes” from the movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children to convey her vision. DaCosta praised Final Fantasy […]

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Global Offensive has broken its all-time concurrent peak on Steam. Again • TutoGame

It’s true: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has once again broken its own all-time concurrent peak on Steam. Valve’s competitive first-person shooter, which launched in 2012, reached an impressive peak of 876,575 concurrent players earlier this month, surpassing the previous peak of 850,485 players, set in April 2016 amid the massive MLG Columbus tournament. Now, courtesy of […]

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Get to know all the camos and weapon challenges coming with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

Could it be the biggest weapon progression in Call of Duty history? Showcasing the massive SamaGame and Zombies camouflage challenge system, as well as weapon mastery for your MWII and MWIII arsenal, as well as detailing new and existing challenges! Part 1: Gain experience with in-game excellence: Challenges To help you level up through the […]

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How to have multiple concurrent remote sessions without modifying system files

The concurrent remote sessions They allow several users to access the operating system simultaneously to run applications, use their user profiles, email, etc. always simultaneously. It is a feature that we find in the server versions of Windows and it is a technology for which Microsoft requires unit licenses per concurrent user. With the program […]

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The lack of helium on Earth

Helium is one of the gases that, mixed with others, make up the air that surrounds us, the one we breathe. It is one of the lightest elements in the Universe, occupying second place in the table of chemical elements, after hydrogen. It is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas, totally inert, incapable of combining […]

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NEIGHBORS STEAL IPHONE | Lose an iPhone and hang this sign in a neighborhood: “It is located by GPS on this portal”

Living in a community means respecting certain rules and schedules for the good of the entire neighborhood. Something that seems obvious, but for many neighbors it doesn’t matter. In every community there is a neighbor who is somewhat less considerate than the rest, who does not take into account the rest hours of the rest […]

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Canvas model: what is it and what is it for?

In modern times there are many factors that influence the business world and to obtain the desired success in business, where greater skills and levels of competitiveness are increasingly required to make the best decisions, it is necessary to have certain cutting-edge tools. . One of those tools is the Business Model Canvas. Greater business […]

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