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Privacy change in iOS 14 causes discomfort on Instagram

Manzana made a privacy change in he iOS 14 that has been criticized for Facebook, users can Avoid apps tracking your activities on iPhone and the ipad. Even so, instagram He decided to make it clear that he did not like the novelty planned for 2021.

CEO Adam Mosseri says this will be “problematic” especially for small businesses that act as advertisers. Money, always money, Instagram should care more about the privacy of its users than about looking good to its advertisers, but, well, the monkey dances for the money.

He YoYOU 14, 14 and 14 iPadOS TVOS will give the option to block tracking to open an application. In other words, it will not be possible to gain access to the user’s IDFA (advertiser identifier), a code that allows you to target ads.

How to block app tracking in iOS 14?

For some years now, iOS has already offered the option Limit advertising tracked on the route Settings > Privacy > Advertising; This applies to all applications, but is hidden in the system. Meanwhile, iOS 14 expands this feature and makes it very explicit for userswhich may encourage them to turn off tracking.

«If the ecosystem changes in a way that advertisers cannot measure their return of the investment, it will be quite problematic for our business“Mosseri told CNBC. He believes this will also affect other major advertising platforms, such as Google.

Mosseri wants a compromise between privacy and personalization: “We believe there is a way to be really responsible and to give people control and transparency over their data, but without cutting off our understanding and making us operate blindly«. As I said, they are only interested in their business, not people.

Basically, people click on ads less that are not personalized according to the user’s tastes. After Facebook pressure, Apple decided “Give developers time to make necessary changes,” apps will need to obtain tracking permission in early 2021. iOS 14 will likely be released in October.

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