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Reactions to the iMac G5 (II)

After the first reactions that the iMac G5 provoked in its announcement and Apple began shipping the new devices, there have been articles analyzing the new machine and even the typical autopsy that Kodawarisan has accustomed us to.

Just yesterday we informed you in SamaGame of the PC Magazine analysis in which the iMac obtained the highest possible score and some highly satisfactory comments about the machine. Although with only one significant drawback, that the graphics chip is not upgradeable.

However, some more negative analyzes have not been long in coming, such as that of Matthew Fordahl of the Associated Press, in which he criticizes the lack of included accessories such as the wireless card, Bluetooth support, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and double the amount of RAM. . Which have a total cost of $345 ($255 if you had opted directly for the $99 kit of the bluetooth module along with the mouse and keyboard, which he later comments on in the article).

The quality of the speakers and the monitor that offers a bright and clear image stand out positively. In addition to the ease of configuration and installation.

Unfortunately the article strayed from constructive negativity to places where logic does not lie, as Matthew complained that the iMac G5 with only 256Mb of RAM is slow playing music in iTunes, editing video in iMovie and working with Microsoft Word all at once. Same time. For example, his PC highlighted incorrect or misspelled words quickly while his iMac did so every 6 words.

Obviously, Matthew skipped every line of logic by trying to edit video in only 256Mb of RAM and even more while running the overloaded Microsoft Word at the same time. As if that were not enough, he tried to emulate Windows XP on Virtual PC, and was amazed that by installing another 256Mb module, performance improved dramatically. (If it is already difficult to run Windows with minimal performance on 256Mb of memory, how did Matthew intend to emulate it on another operating system?). Somehow Matthew tried to justify the little RAM that the G5 iMacs include as a base, but that’s asking for something.

Other positive analyzes have been that of Wilson Rothman and Walter S. Mossberg, the first written for TIME magazine speaks for itself having been named gadget of the week, although he criticizes Apple’s “Switch” campaign, ensuring that it Maybe with the iMac G5 if you’re inventing reasons for people to switch from Windows to Mac. You even consider the iMac G5 a better replacement for regular desktops than those heavy laptops.

Walter, for his part, and logically since his preference for Macintoshes is known, considers the new iMac G5 an elegant, powerful and surprisingly affordable device. He praises the design, the power of the G5 and the reasonable price, saying that the new iMac is significantly faster in key tasks than the PowerBook G4. However, Walter misses an integrated memory card reader. Walter also believes that consumers perceive desktop Macs as expensive partly because Apple does not compete in the cheap PC segment and partly because Apple’s prices include the integrated monitor that is sometimes not listed in Apple ads. Windows machines.

Walter Mossberg ends his article by calling the iMac G5 another Apple winner, a computer that is a pleasure to use. Walter’s analysis has been supported by Michael Gartenberg of Jupiter Research, who also believes that the myth of Apple’s high price is something that still haunts them.

Ken Mingis did the same for ComputerWorld in a detailed first analysis, as he promises that in the coming weeks we will see a more intensive analysis by ComputerWorld columnist Yuval Kossovksy. In addition to detailing the iMac G5’s equipment in a very constructive manner, Ken’s article even shows images of the installation of a faster 10,000RPM hard drive than the one included by default in the 7,200RPM iMac.

Furthermore, Ken considers that the money spent on the iMac G5 is well spent, since if you eliminate the price of Apple’s 20″ Cinema Display of $1,299, the G5 itself only costs $600. But most importantly, you can now buy a fast G5 desktop with a quality LCD for just $1,299.

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