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Sleeping in separate beds is healthier for the couple

It is known that proximity is very good in relationships. There is no kiss, caress or hug from a distance, they can only be achieved through body contact. That is why couples, when going to bed to rest, to sleep, do so on the same mattress. Is this good? It is neither appropriate nor healthy, after the hug and/or kiss goodnight, for each person to go to her side, the man on one side and the woman on the other. It would be best to sleep in separate beds, in the same or in different rooms.

Sleep disorders

Half of people who sleep in the same bed with their partners suffer more sleep disorders than those who sleep in separate beds. Not sleeping well leads to depression, heart disease, stroke, and, in some cases, divorce. They are the results of the studies and experience of Dr. Stanley Krippner, creator of one of the sleep laboratories at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom.

The double bed in ancient Rome

In ancient Rome, the marriage bed was a place for ___ual intercourse, but not for sleeping. Before the Victorian era it was common for married couples to sleep in separate beds. The modern tradition of the double bed began with the Industrial Revolution, as families moved to cities and found that houses did not have separate sleeping spaces.

How and where to sleep?

What to do next? Should we sleep in separate beds? As Dr. Stanley recommends, if until now you have had no problems, you are happy and you sleep like a dormice all night, keep it up. Otherwise, it is best, after the kiss or hug and everything you bring with you (if you bring anything), that everyone sleeps in their own bed.

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