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Surface Pro system firmware update for November 3 is now ready for download

Although Microsoft ignored updating its Surface tablets in the update on the last Tuesday of November, the company presented details for the next firmware update. O System Firmware Update – 11/18/2014 is now available and in a new attempt will try again to fix the Wi-Fi connectivity issue on Surface Pro 3. But it also brings improvements to the Surface Pen and fixes situations where the system clock loses time.

The new firmware also displays a new progress bar during the system update and, according to Microsoft, this is what the update fixes:

Surface Pro UEFI Update (v3.11.350.0)

  • Resolves situations where the device will boot to a black screen if McAfee Defense Encryption 7.1.1 is installed.
  • Optimizes FWPOST time to 3.7 seconds with fast startup enabled.
  • Avoid situations where the system clock loses time when the battery drops below 3%.

Surface Home Button Driver Update (v2.0.1174.0)

  • In addition to updating the pen below, this helps avoid situations where the device may accidentally wake up from standby mode during storage or transportation.

Surface Pen Settings Driver Update (v2.5.14.0)

  • Together with the home button driver update above, this helps avoid situations where the device may accidentally wake up from standby mode during storage or transportation.

Wireless Network Driver and Bluetooth Driver Update (v15.68.3066.135)

  • Enables better performance after waking up from sleep and connecting to an 802.11AC network.
  • Ensures that the Infra scan list is not empty while connected to a wireless video adapter
  • Resolves a connection issue with Cisco 1242 access points.
  • Ensures that the device successfully reconnects to a hidden SSID using a 5GHz DFS channel after waking up from sleep.
  • Adds customer requested functionality to prefer 5GHz connections when there is a 2.4GHz and 5GHz connection with the same SSID.

To apply the firmware update manually, go to PC Settings, Update and recoveryTouch check nowand continue with the installation. But also remember that the update will be installed automatically.

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