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Tattoos that only cause destruction

There are things that don’t fit into my head. I cannot understand how politicians and friends, despite it being shown that they have committed great abuses, do not pay as they should for their crimes, how they tiptoe without returning, for example, the money they have stolen from us taxpayers. I also can’t understand how you can pay one hundred million dollars for a football player. I also do not understand how there can be people who do not respect any rules and continue to roam freely, repeating their misdeeds a thousand times. And the list would be endless… (I’m sure you can contribute to expanding it by writing your complaints in the comments section).

Multi-tattooed face and forehead

The bad taste overcomes me, seeing how some people dress, how they decorate their bodies with unusual utensils, produces a huge rejection in me. Along these lines are tattoos that destroy certain parts of the body of certain people. Everything has a limit and even a small drawing on the back or leg can be bearable, but not the rest. Its wearers have lost taste and are carried away by the dictates imposed by others. They look for ways to attract attention since they are not able to be noticed using what nature has given them.

But the summum of the summum, the one that no longer ranks in the ranking of the most taste (if it exists) is held by the individual in the photograph. No, it is not an erasable composition but quite the opposite, his head (face, forehead, neck and so on) is full of everlasting images, it is full of a string of tattoos that turn the individual into something horrifying, to use an adjective. soft in its meaning.

According to The Smoking Gun, the site where I discovered the aforementioned, the multi-tattooed man was apparently arrested after being the protagonist of an assault. To go unnoticed! This is how history is written…

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