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Telegram is updated allowing registration without a SIM card and with new 2.0 Themes for chats

WhatsApp’s popular rival messaging app, Telegramalso goes adding new features to your app in the form of updates. With this new version a more level of privacy in which this application stands out, allowing the registering an account without a SIM card. In addition, it also offers the possibility of delete all messages and new topics for chats that have improved since the last update they were introduced in.

Now you can have your Telegram account with complete privacy, since no SIM card required for the record. For this you will have to acquire one of the anonymous numbers offered by the Fragment platform and that start at $20. Also added the possibility of delete all chats automaticallywith this new feature you can set a global self-deletion timer that will delete all new messages from new chats after the set time.

With Themes 2.0 you can organize different group talks with more than 100 members, now with the new version 2.0 they organize in two columns to have greater control of all the topics of a group. In addition, it will allow you to manage them more easily so that it is a single chat or directly access messages from other topics.

A new function is the new Telegram anti-spam filter which has been called Aggressive antispam. By activating it in the groups you will activate its aggressive anti-spam mode that will automatically filterThanks to Telegram’s algorithms, Spam is more aggressive. False positives may be published in the Recent Actions section. Another added solution for users who hide their phone number and do not have a username are the temporary QR codes. You can create a temporary QR code so that others can add you as a contact.

In iOS has been added emoji search, a feature that was already available in the Android version. On Android you can now get a more detailed view of storage usage from Telegram, which will tell us how much each chat is taking up on your phone.

For private chats, have been added more interactive emojis which have also been added to the reactions. For Premium users there are available new emoji packs personalized.

Update to this latest version to have these new features, but the Telegram team reminds us that is working on a new version which may be the last one in 2022, we will see what news awaits us.

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