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The “Android applications on PC” on your phone reach everyone: your phone in MundoInsider

“Android apps on PC” on your phone reaches everyone. Earlier this month, Microsoft released a major new feature for its Your Phone app. This is the ability to run your Android apps on PC.

Your Phone’s “Android apps on PC” reach everyone

The feature streamed your apps from the Android mobile device to your PC via Your Phone in a separate window and allowed you to pin them to your taskbar. This is the same as normal desktop applications.

The feature at the time was only available to Windows 10 Insiders in the development ring at Build 20185. Redmond announced a couple of days ago that this feature was rolling out to the general public.

Currently, the feature only works with select Samsung phones. Additionally, it currently only allows you to stream one app at a time. However, Microsoft promises an update later this year that would allow you to stream multiple apps from your phone to your PC, although only for users of a Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

This offers the moment function

  • You can view a list of installed Android apps directly within the Your Phone app.
  • Add your frequently used apps to your favorites selection or browse your apps for quicker access.
  • Launch any mobile application directly from your PC.
  • Your phone’s screen mirroring and apps launch in a separate window on your PC.
  • Pin your mobile apps to the Windows taskbar or Start menu.
  • Stay informed by keeping an eye out for the app’s notification badge in the All Apps list or in your Favorites.

If you have a compatible Samsung phone, check that the Your Phone app is updated and that the feature has arrived on your device.

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