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The Epic Games store will receive achievements next week

As we can see on the Epic Games website, the store will receive a feature which has been requested by its users for quite some time and has been a point of comparison with Steam for a long time as well. This characteristic is neither more nor less, than achievement support for the platform’s games.

What Epic Games adds here is support for achievements that any game can throw out, so generally, Epic’s own games should have support from the first moment. For their part, third-party games will have to be updated if they want to have achievements, or directly run out of them.

It should be noted that Epic already had what were called “Developer Achievements”, but in this instance we are talking about a new achievement system that will be made up of achievements with values ​​other than XP and that It will allow us to climb the Epic achievement levelwhich will be Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum and which They will allow us to show the progress we have made in our game.

According to the company, new social features and rewards for players are expected to arrive later this year. Hopefully these will arrive based on the XP level of each Epic Achievement and, therefore, its category.

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