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The first iPhone 12 will hit stores next week, which ones? | Smart phones

Little by little the deadlines set by some information published in recent days are being met. Those who come confirm that the launch of the new iPhone 12 will be staggered and that it will not arrive, as on other occasions, suddenly. That is why today we have to focus on those models that will be in stores next October and that, as expected, will soon begin their distribution.

According to Jon Prosser, one of the chief leakers of the Apple ecosystem, The first iPhone 12 will begin to arrive at distributors next week, on the same Monday, October 5, around the only two models that will be officially available: both the 6.1 smartphone inches “non-Pro”, like the so-called “Mini” that confirms its name and you will enjoy a screen of only 5.4 inches with notch and Face ID.

The storage of the new iPhone 12

In addition to the fact that these two models will be the ones that will officially arrive in stores in the coming weeks, the same information indicates that Both terminals will be sold in three storage configurations: 64, 128 and 256 gigabytes, something that is already traditional for Apple in the models that are not the top of the range, for which larger capacities such as 512GB are always reserved. Be that as it may, everything seems to be within normality for dates that have moved this year due to the coronavirus.

Apple’s first shipment of final iPhone 12 units will hit dealers on October 5

Shipping includes:

iPhone 12 mini 5.4
(Definitely the final trade name)

iPhone 12 6.1

Event on October 13, as I mentioned before.

– Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) September 29, 2020

In addition to the arrival of the new terminals in stores, or the capacities that each model will have, we have also known what the minimum number of gigabytes that the iPhone 12 Pro will have in this generation will be, which rises to 128, so Apple gives a new step with each new generation. Remember that in 2019, with the iPhone 11 Pro, the minimum storage was 64GB, something that is practically impossible to manage today if it is not with the help of cloud applications where you can store documents, photos, videos, etc.

What the sources of information also reaffirm is that October 13 will be the moment when Apple carries out its fundamental digital presentation of all the iPhone 12, the full range, although two of those devices, the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, end up landing in stores in November and with a delay of several weeks.

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