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The Intel Arc A350M is between an NVIDIA GTX 1650 and an NVIDIA MX450

We already saw last week how laptops with new Intel Arc GPUs were not available for purchasebeing only the Korean market where we can find the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro that includes a Intel Arc A350M, the lowest of the entire range. Some users have finally been able to get a Samsung laptop to be able to carry out tests of the new Intel Arc A350M which has managed to position itself above the NVIDIA MX450, but without reaching the NVIDIA GTX 1650.

In the Time Spy tests, the Intel Arc A350M has achieved 2,933 points compared to 3,400 for the NVIDIA GTX 1650. This is normal since Intel has a TDP of 30W while NVIDIA’s is 50W. The NVIDIA GTX 1650 has also surpassed the Intel Arc A350M in the Fire Strike test by almost 2,000 points.

What we have been able to see is that the Intel Arc A350M has exceeded 2 GHz, but with low GPU occupancy. This low GPU consumption is even more accentuated if the games consume few resources (like League of Legends), although FPS rate is still good. However, other games like Forza Horizon 5 do not work. On the other hand, the Intel Arc A350M has achieved 200 points in the ray tracing test, this is a clear advantage over the NVIDIA GTX 1650 since it lacks this feature.

Intel still has a way to go, in the review we see how some games still have graphical errors, even Intel’s own graphics panel does not show the correct name of your Intel Arc A350M product.

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