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The next AMD Raphael will be able to overclock memory to unthinkable speeds

The DDR5 memory It is currently intended for very few lucky users of a PC with Intel Alder Lake processors and boards that support this type of memory. In addition, you have to pay the prices currently demanded by this type of new generation memory. But by the end of 2022, Intel and AMD will launch new processors compatible with DDR5 and great news is expected in terms of memory performance, at least by AMD.

This is what Joseph Tao has commented regarding the new generation of Raphael processors that is yet to come. This new generation will include RAMP (Ryzen Accelerated Memory Profile) technologya technology homologous to Intel’s XMP 3.0 but which, in the words of Joseph Tao, assures us that it will be able achieve speeds that we cannot imagine thanks to overclocking. In this way, with the new generation of processors that is yet to arrive, it will be the driving force to standardize this new memory in desktop PCs starting next year 2023.

But for this memory manufacturers also have to adapt their products. DDR5 memories of up to 6400 MHz are currently offered, but they can hardly exceed these figures. Even to overcome it today refrigeration solutions with liquid nitrogen are being seenalthough some sellers already tell us that they will be able to double this speed in an unannounced future.

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