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The PCI-SIG calls the attention of the manufacturers of the 12VHPWR connector to strictly comply with its specifications

Problems with the connector 12VHPWR are not finished and continues research on What can be the motive why some end up melting, even damaging the cards, although this may be due to poor manufacturing quality by one of the suppliers. The PCI-SIG has spoken out on the matter, before the lawsuit filed against NVIDIA about these problems with the connector, stating that They provide the necessary guidelines for the manufacture of this connector clearly and safely.

The PCI-SIG has issued a statement indicating that all appropriate measures must be taken for guarantee the security when manufacturing products with PCI-SIG technology. It has also communicated that by implementing a PCI-SIG specification Manufacturers are responsible for their design, manufacturing and safety testing of the manufactured product, which in this case refers to the 12VHPWR connector that is giving NVIDIA so many headaches.

NVIDIA had communicated that There are only 50 known cases around the world with problems with the connector that apparently was not properly plugged into the card, offering some guidelines for how to make this connection with images for a clearer example. In any case, the PCI-SIG statement lets us know that They are not responsible for the manufacturing of these connectors.

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