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The US government to the Federal Judge: do not paralyze the BlackBerry network

The US Justice Department has instructed the judge in charge of the case to delay all plans to close the BlackBerry service until the government is assured that users of government agencies and select groups will be able to access this service.

NTP, the company that accuses RIM of having violated several of its patents in the design of BlackBerry, has requested the closure of most of the service in the United States.

Faced with this proposal, RIM lawyers have alleged the “exceptional public interest” of the service for national security and government workers. The Department of Justice has followed the same line, asking the federal judge not to paralyze the BlackBerry email network for portable devices if the continuity of the service is not assured.

The good news for RIM does not end here: the United States Patent Office has agreed with it with the preliminary rejection of a new NTP complaint.

In any case, RIM and NTP most likely still have months of legal battle left.

Source: ZDNet

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