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These are the best places to pre-order Apple’s Mac Studio

Mac Studio pre-orders are now live and we’ve compiled all the information you need to get one at the best price possible. Being a brand new Mac line, it’s not yet clear how popular it will prove to be. One thing’s for sure, though: the sooner you order one, the sooner you’ll get it.

Apple’s new Mac Studio is a new desktop Mac that looks and works like a ruggedized Mac mini. It is powered by the M1 Max and the new M1 Ultra chip, depending on its configuration, and offers performance, connectivity and capabilities unlike previous Apple computers.

Like the Mac mini, the new Mac Studio doesn’t come with a display, but it was introduced alongside the new Studio Display, which would be the perfect complement. Alternatively, any of the best Mac mini monitors would work well too. If you’re looking to lock in a Mac Studio order, we’ve got all the retailer information you need below.

Where to buy Mac Studio

  • Amazon US: Keep an eye out for Amazon discounts for Mac Studio, as it often drops prices on Apple products seemingly out of nowhere. Currently, there is only one Mac Studio configuration listed, but this is expected to change after release.
  • B&H Photo: B&H has all the different Mac Studio configurations listed and ready to be customized before the product launches.
  • Best Buy: Mac Studio is available for pre-order at Best Buy. In-store pickup can help you get yours faster.
  • ADORAMA: Adorama has MAC studio listings, but beware of some of the prices that go up to $200 over Apple’s MSRP.
  • Apple: Apple is probably the place for most Studio Mac Studio buyers and there you can customize the machine to your needs. However, since most people will be going there, there may be the longest wait times for shipping.

In the UK, a number of retailers have started publishing the Mac Studio, including Apple, Amazon and all the major outlets you’d expect:

What is the price of the MAC study?

In the US, the Base Mac studio costs $1,999. However, you can specify the machine in a number of ways, customizing the CPU, RAM, and storage, meaning the highest configuration tops out at $7,999.

Are there any discounts on Mac Studio?

For any new Apple product, let alone any new line of Apple products, discounts will be rare at launch, so we expect it to be weeks or months before we see significant price drops on Mac Studio. If you don’t need Mac Studio right away, you can wait and see if any Black Friday Mac deals arrive later this year when supply should have caught up with demand. However, we’ll be sure to let you know about any Mac Studio deals before then.

Should you buy a Mac Studio or a MacBook?

Choosing between a Mac desktop or a laptop is always a difficult decision. While you certainly get more computing power for your money with a desktop machine, you have to invest in peripherals like a display, and you also can’t take it to work at your local coffee shop.

If portability is your priority, a MacBook is a no-brainer. If you only work from your desktop, you’ll be glad you opted for the MAC studio for its added power.

What about other MAC offers?

Whether you’re comparing the Mac Studio versus the Mac mini or wondering whether to buy a Mac laptop instead of a desktop, we’ve rounded up the latest deals on other Mac models below.

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