The version of the game for which the cheat is reported is the American one, there may be differences with different versions or in the presence of patches or updates


Cannon Fodder
Die 1000 times as an enemy

Die 100 times as an enemy

Mister Jingles
Only take money from the Mystery Bag 25 times

Ow My Eye
Do the Target 100 times. Click on the character, not the portrait

The Berserker
Kill 100,000 enemies

The Blaze Snuffer
Kill 5000 enemies and double your level

The Blooded
Kill 1000 enemies

The Box Watcher
Open the email 50 times

The Coin Collector
Only take money from the Mystery Bag 250 times

The Crucial Crusher
Score 250 critical hits on enemies

The Feckless
Die 100,000 times from enemies

The Fire Snuffer
Kill 500 enemies and double your level

The Garbage Disposal
Drop 100 items from your bag (destroy them)

The Green
Die 10 times as an enemy

The Iron Bender
Kill 500 enemies and quadruple your level

The Lame Duck
Die 10,000 times from enemies

The Lead Lopper
Kill 10 Guild Leaders

The Litter Bug
Drop 10000 items from your bag (destroy them)

The Lucky
Kill 10 enemies

The Mauler
Kill 100 enemies

The Pawner
Earn one coin throughout your entire career

The Pebble Pulverizer
Kill 10 enemies and triple your level

The Psychopath
Kill 10,000 enemies

The Rubbish Remover
Drop 1000 items from your bag (destroy them)

The Spark Snuffer
Kill 10 enemies, doubling your level

The Stamper
Open the mailbox 500 times

The Steel Bender
Kill 5000 players quadrupling your level

The Talker
Use the speak command 50 times

The Tin Bender
Kill 10 enemies quadrupling your level

The Wasteful
Drop 10 items from your bag (destroy them)

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