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Windows 10 Facebook, Messenger and Instagram apps ready to download…

It was already on time! Facebook, Messenger and Instagram are now officially available on Windows 10 -. However, there is a problem: currently users can only download Facebook and Facebook Messenger on PC, and Instagram is only available on Windows 10 Mobile.

Although there was a Facebook and Messenger app for the operating system, they were designed only for Windows 8.x. The new apps were developed from the ground up to get the most out of Windows 10. These apps are also fast and will stay updated throughout the day in the Store.


If you’ve used the web version of Facebook, the new app will look very familiar. In fact, if it weren’t for the color tone and the navigation bar located on the left edge of the application, you would think you were using the web version of the social network.

The Facebook application is very complete. It supports Live Tiles, so you can pin the app and receive notifications quickly, and Action Center notifications are also supported.

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You can easily share photos from within the app, using your favorite apps, or even from File Explorer.

The application could not be complete without reactions, stickers in the comments and with the column on the right side to show birthdays, events and trending topics of interest.

Microsoft Edge is also integrated with the app to offer an in-app browser, just as you would expect from a mobile app.

Facebook | Discharge

Facebook Messenger

The popular Facebook Messenger app is also coming to Windows 10. In addition to the mobile version, the desktop version of Messenger for Windows 10 brings all the essential features, including stickers, group conversations, and GIFs.

Along with Live Tiles support, Messenger also includes native desktop notifications to make the experience more complete for Windows 10 users.

Facebook Messenger | Discharge


Only on Windows 10 Mobile, at least for now, is Instagram. The popular photo and video sharing app is available for Windows users as a beta version. Instagram includes features like direct messages, videos, new research, and browsing and switching accounts.

Like the other two apps, Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile supports Live Tiles and notifications.

instagram | Discharge

These new apps will replace the previous apps available for Windows 8.x and Windows Phone 8.x. Facebook says users will still be able to use old apps on the older version of the operating system, but to use the new apps, users must upgrade to Windows 10.

Although these new apps were designed specifically for Windows 10, they are not universal apps. They probably will be in the future, but not now. Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps are available on all format devices, which is not the case with these three new apps. However, it’s good that Facebook is making good on its promise to let Windows 10 users experience the social network through these new apps.

Facebook apps are immediately available for download from the Windows Store. If you installed the old Facebook app, it will automatically update to the new version. Also, remember that Instagram is only available for the mobile version of the operating system.

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Have you tried the new Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram on your Windows 10 devices? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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