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Windows File Recovery: Microsoft’s new tool to recover deleted files

Microsoft released Windows File Recoverya patented tool designed exclusively for recover documents deleted by mistake. The program does not have a graphical interface (command lines must be entered through the terminal) and is capable of restoring files from various locations: hard drives, USB drives or even SD cards.

For some time now, numerous applications have been circulating on the web that perform the same task (Yodot file Recovery tool, Recuva, GetDataBacketc.) and, like these, even Microsoft software allows you to select what type of files we want to track setting the search to a specific extension.

What files can we recover with Windows File Recovery?

The list of supported formats is long and currently it is possible to recover JPG, PNG files, MP4 videos, MP3 audios or even Word and PowerPoint documents. The effectiveness of this tool is higher if it starts a few moments after deleting the filesthe faster it runs, the better the chances of recovering the lost document.

There are several modes and the default one is programmed to work best with the NTFS file system, useful for recovering files from corrupted or newly formatted disks. Windows File Recovery also supports memories formatted in FAT, exFAT and ReFS.

The application allows you to perform the restore operations only on an external partition at this time, therefore it will not be possible to recover the files deleted from the desktop in the same position, you will have to rely on external supportlike a USB memory.

At the end of the operation, a log is provided with information about the data that could be traced and, on the other hand, which data has remained corrupted forever. Microsoft introduced a similar feature in previous versions of Windows 10but It was only available to those who enabled file historywhich is disabled by default.

Official download

Those who want to try the new tool You can download it for free from the Microsoft Store from the following link:

Windows File Recovery | Windows | Microsoft Store

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