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Wonowo, the first search engine for the collaborative tourist

The service has been active for some time, until now it worked through apps for mobile devices, for iPhone, iPad and Android, but recently a website has been launched that allows access to the platform and carry out all the actions implemented. With Wonowo It is possible to find tourist apartments, enjoy shared transportation and participate in unique leisure plans.

As we indicated in the title, which the service includes in the header of its website, it is the first search engine for the collaborative tourist. When a user requests information, a system will be put into action that is responsible for establishing comparisons within the requested field, accommodation, transportation or activities, and showing the best results in each section.

In the video that we offer below we can see, in less than 40 seconds, the operation of Wonowo:

The reason for the Wonowo website

According to what those responsible for the service tell us, these are the reasons that have encouraged them to launch the website:

After more than ten months on the market with two applications for iPhone and Android and achieving notable public success with more than 20,000 users using our App, WONOWO IS LAUNCHED INTO THE WEB FORMATthis has allowed us to offer our users countless advantages such as:

  • Increase the possibility of making a reservation more easily.
  • Greater accessibility thanks to the multi-device format, facilitating search alternatives for users.
  • Provide more information about our partners’ offers.
  • Locate accommodation offers at a glance thanks to its simple and comfortable design.
  • Greater attractiveness, thus allowing numerous agreements to be closed with new partners in recent months.

In short, the growth of WONOWO is increasing and without limits thanks to the trend of the sector and above all to the trust of users who consider it the main platform to organize their collaborative trip.


To see and test the features of this service you must access Wonowo.

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