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YouTube Music will allow free users to listen to music in the background

It seems that Google is making changes to subscriptions Youtube musicand as we can see in Android Central, the YouTube Music support page shows that free users will no longer be able to watch music videos in the appmaking this a feature that Only paying users will be able to enjoy.

However, this comes at the cost of another feature, and free users will be able, from now on, to listen to music in the backgroundso, if we really want to watch videos without going through the checkout, most likely we will have to use the standard application, while, if we want to listen to music in the background, We can do it now with YouTube Music.

Hereinafter, YouTube Music users will be able to listen to background music for free without needing a Premium subscription. However, if they also want to see the video clips, they can choose to have a paid subscription to YouTube Music, or Simply use the standard YouTube application as usual.

In any case, it is a very welcome change, since users who downloaded YouTube Music, as we mentionedthey did not come to watch videos as we can already do in the YouTube application.

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